Set up offshore company in Switzerland

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    There are various offshore alternatives, but for centuries Switzerland has remained the choice for entrepreneurs and holders of large capital.

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    The reason is simple, as the level of service, reliability, predictability, and efficiency can hardly be achieved anywhere as easily as in Switzerland. Using offshore company Switzerland, you get flexible legislation, tax deductions, a well-deserved reputation, and proximity to the largest companies.

    Historically, Swiss banks adhere to an extremely conservative credit and investment policy and are not particularly open to financing foreign companies. Therefore, the fact that local banks are not moneylending must be taken into account in the financial planning of your business project. But in this way, it is easier to attract foreign funding for your company. This creates an economic justification for registering not only your company but also the branch of your investor’s company, which sometimes serves as an additional incentive for investing assets in your business project.

    Also, the conservative policies of Swiss banks speak of their extreme stability, despite their size and the local status of canton banks.

    Ways to register company in Switzerland

    Switzerland is located in the Western Europe region, offering the best environment for logistical operations and other important business activities.

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    In general, Switzerland remains a place of interest for large and not-so-large companies, investors who need high-quality service and assets, as well as individuals who need to keep their savings. The Swiss franc remains one of the most stable currencies on the planet, which attracts investors and depositors, even though negative interest on deposits in francs was introduced.

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    The business climate in Switzerland offshore is also good with the largest companies in the world have registered offices, branches, and divisions their. Especially many commodity companies dealing with oil, various metals, and stones. The largest of them is Glencore which shows the highest profitability. Industrial concerns such as Weatherford, Transocean; pharmaceutical Novartis and Roche Holding; food Nestle and Coca-Cola HBC; and many others chose Switzerland for their activities. Including for tax reasons.

    Company types you can register

    Switzerland’s popularity among entrepreneurs is growing. Despite pressure on the banking sector of the country from the United States and European colleagues from France, Germany, and others, the market for financial and corporate services continues to develop and grow. Investors are most interested in opening limited liability companies or GmbH. Despite the fact that interest in Swiss offshore slightly decreased compared to last year, experts are confident that they will remain the most popular and regain lost ground.

    Partly because relatively recently Switzerland has simplified the registration of such companies in comparison with a joint-stock company. Another popular form of doing business in Switzerland is an individual entrepreneur, of which 33% in the register is second only to GmbH.

    Requirements for companies

    The founder can be one person, natural or legal. The statutory fund of an LLC company in Switzerland is 20,000 francs with a minimum share of 100 francs. The company has the right to conduct any legitimate activities. The Board of Directors must have from 1 person, with at least one Swiss resident having the right to individually sign. As in any respected jurisdiction, it is required to keep records and submit them to the appropriate authorities. An audit is required for all but small companies. It can be avoided if the company has less than 10 employees.

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    To register an offshore company Switzerland, you will need to have a set of documents and wait over 2 weeks.

    Required documents

    Following are the key documents you need to open a company in Switzerland.

    For the individual owner:

    • A certified copy of a citizenship certificate (first page and page with the address of registration).
    • Copy of foreign passport.
    • Documents certifying the person’s address of residence (most often, this is a utility bill or tax residency certificate).
    • The director of the company must provide the same documents as the owner-individual.

    For the legal owner:

    • Originals of constituent documents or apostilled copies.
    • A certified copy of the passport and documents proving the address of residence for the owner of the company.

    For a personal visit, you will need 1 working day to arrange all the formalities for Swiss offshore company registration.

    Advantages of a company in Switzerland

    Generally speaking, it’s possible to say that Switzerland opens not only for entrepreneurs, but also offers a wide range of opportunities for the development of any serious business project from oil supplies and chocolate production, to future technologies and cryptocurrencies. Depending on your goals, you can choose the form of doing business and start work.

    Set up a company in Switzerland
    Two types of companies are interesting for registration in Switzerland – GmbH (LLC / S.a.r.l.) And AG (Ltd / SA)

    At the same time, it’s necessary to recall that Switzerland remains the center of conservation and growth of assets. If your task is to protect assets, then the Federation is right for you. You have a choice of banks, investment funds, private vaults for gold and art.

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