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    Offshore Anguilla is a small island in the Caribbean. Today it is a dependent or overseas territory of Great Britain, which, oddly enough, has made the island a popular offshore center.

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    Thanks to tax neutrality, high-speed process to set up a company in Anguilla, a reliable reputation, the island attracts more and more attention every year.

    Basically, Anguilla is an independent state, except that the Governor appointed by the UK is responsible for resolving internal security, police, public services, defense, external relations, and international financial services. Anguilla’s legislation is based on the English common law system. Anguilla is protected by the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court, which is appealed against from the Supreme Court of Anguilla, and the Privy Council in the UK has the ultimate right to appeal.

    Why set up offshore company in Anguilla

    To begin with, it’s necessary to list the main factors indicating the safe and stable position of Anguilla in the market of international offshore financial services:

    • The stable constitutional position of the British overseas territories.
    • Well-regulated and skilled financial services industry.
    • Zero tax jurisdiction status.
    • Leading market position and fairly modern development.
    • Anguilla Commercial Online Registration Network (ACORN), which helps speed up the process of Anguilla offshore company formation.
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    To maintain its competitive advantage, Anguilla also relies on other factors, such as the legislative framework for offshore companies that will be in demand in the future, and the availability of fast Internet and other necessary means of communication.

    Ways to register company in Anguilla 

    Anguilla was one of the first countries in the Caribbean to take advantage of the rapid development of the Internet. In November 1998, the Anguilla ACORN system, the Anguilla Commercial Online Registration Network, started offering service of online company registration. From the very beginning of its work, ACORN has been constantly developing and improving. All changes to Anguilla law are immediately made to ACORN. Using ACORN, it’s possible to electronically register simple companies, international business companies, limited liability companies (LLC), and limited partnerships Anguilla company registration can be done by an authorized agent almost instantly, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, from anywhere in the world, which allows the customer to bypass geographical borders and time zones.

    Also, through the ACORN system, the one can perform online all the actions required by the relevant legislation necessary for registering a company in Anguilla. The system is available to all licensed registration companies in Anguilla and their foreign agents.

    Company types you can register

    The main types of offshore Anguilla companies that can be registered by foreign investors are International Business Company (IBC) and Limited Liability Company (LLC). The registration procedure is available online and is carried out in a few days if the payment of fees has passed successfully and the documents have been drawn up correctly.

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    The basic features of Anguilla companies.

    Requirements for companies

    An International Business Company in Anguilla is registered by filing a Charter with the Register of Enterprises. To set up company Anguilla the submission of regulatory documents is not required. An IBC registered in Anguilla has the legal right to have activities in or outside Anguilla, but the company is prohibited from doing business with residents of Anguilla, and it is also forbidden to have real estate in Anguilla or carry out banking, insurance, or the activities of a management company or trust.

    An LLC is registered by submitting the Company Charter to the Register of Enterprises. The LLC should also have an LLC Agreement, which does not need to be submitted to the government. An LLC may have one member of the board. The company is managed by a member of the board or one or more managers. Anguilla offshore company may conduct any activity not prohibited by the laws of Anguilla, but it can’t carry out banking, trust, insurance or management company activities without an appropriate license. LLC is fully tax-exempt. Foreign LLCs may re-domicile to Anguilla, while Anguillan LLCs may re-domicile from Anguilla in accordance with the LLC Agreement and LLC Law.

    Anguillan companies are not subject to taxation on profits, share transfers, estate/inheritance or capital gains. This means that you can move your existing company to Anguilla and continue with your international businesses without worrying about getting taxed, unless your home country taxes residents on their worldwide income.

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    Required documents

    Anguilla does not separate local and offshore companies and trusts registered under the laws of the island, and all companies can use the same zero tax privileges. Public disclosure and reporting are not required for Anguilla company incorporation. The names of directors and shareholders are not disclosed. Moreover, there are no currency restrictions on the island, and the government provides multi-year work permits for professionals in the financial services sector.

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    Benefits to open company in Anguilla

    Set up a company in Anguilla
    Anguilla does not separate local and offshore companies and trusts registered under the laws of the island, and all companies can use the same zero tax privileges.

    In addition to the usual trading or other offshore companies, Anguilla allows obtaining a banking license. And although the requirements for a cash contribution are small, the verification of the founder/founders is carried out meticulously, at the UK level, which allows maintaining a reputation for jurisdiction. At the same time, Anguilla issues Class B insurance licenses with medium financial requirements.

    The main reason for business respect for Anguilla is that there are no corporate taxes on the island. Moreover, this applies to both foreign Anguilla company formation and local ones. There are only small payments to the social insurance fund (5%) and stabilization tax (3%). There are no more corporate taxes.

    Quick and easy offshore company formation in Anguilla

    With a clear reputation, the world’s prestige, quality at the level of the best representatives in the field offshore Anguilla is a great place to create either IBC or LLC. In general, from a corporate point of view, Anguilla attracts everyone. And most importantly, the low-cost of the island compared to more expensive neighbors such as Bermuda.

    Those who have registered their company in this jurisdiction benefited greatly from the modern electronic register of enterprises, minimizing efforts and time for registration the company to 24 hours.

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