A classic low-tax jurisdiction, a member of the EU, one of the lowest corporate tax rates in Europe - 12.5%, on some types of income - zero percent. Cost of the company: from 3750 EUR. Remote account opening. Annual maintenance (paid from the next year after registration):


Offshore companies Belize, like in other offshore zones, are guaranteed high confidentiality of information about company owners, and this makes Belize one of the most confidential and secure jurisdictions. What guarantees such confidentiality?


Set up a company in Malta is a great opportunity to establish any business, experiencing the benefits of the competitive tax system of Malta. The process of creating one’s company is surrounded by several nuances that ought to be taken into consideration


Hong Kong is more than just a prestigious destination for international business. The investors are attracted by its favorable tax system with a 16.5% income tax rate earned in the city-state. And for the first 2 million Hong Kong dollars of earned profit, a tax rate of 8.25% has recently been applied.

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