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    The benefits of Belize’s offshore banking services have already been appreciated by many investors and individuals around the world. When you think about the idea of offshore banking, you are offered to get a dozen different opinions about where the best tax haven is or where banks are most eager to attract foreign customers. But among the many proposals, smart investors invariably choose bank account in Belize for offshore banking.

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    Obviously, this jurisdiction has a lot to offer to those interested in financial freedom and the growth of personal assets. Whether you dream about expanding your business, increasing your income, the upcoming retirement, want to buy real estate abroad, or are just ready for greater diversification of assets, banking services in Belize can be an ideal option.

    Why open bank account in Belize

    Belize is one of the most advantageous financial systems in the world for investors. The country has made affordability a key driver of its economic growth. Foreign investment in Belize is protected from excessive taxation. Also, Belize offers its customers full confidentiality. Since the state does not interfere in the affairs of its clients, this helps to increase the level of data privacy and reduce restrictions. Belize’s banks can be interesting for actively earning funds for an online business and withdrawing through a merchant account. FOREX licenses from Belize are also popular because drawing it there is cheaper than in Europe.

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    How to open bank account in Belize

    If you already have a personal Belize offshore bank account, such as checking, savings, or current, it is important not to use it for your work. The same bank can relatively easily create operating business accounts and/or payroll accounts for your needs. The requirements for corporate bank accounts are slightly different from personal ones. This process isn’t complicated and long though it requires having a set of valid documents. Our specialists will guide you through the entire process, review the documentation you have, and let you know if you need to provide anything else to successfully pass the compliance check for your company in Belize.

    Required documents

    In order to open a personal account you will need to submit the following documents:

    • Filled application form for opening an account;
    • Banking and professional advice for each signatory on the account (professional relations with a credit institution must be at least three years long).
    • Notarially attested copy of your passport.

    Legal entities are required to provide the following documents for opening a bank account in Belize:

    • Statutory and registration documents of the company (originals) with an Apostille stamp.
    • Register of directors and shareholders of the company.
    • Passports of shareholders, directors, and attorneys of the company (notarized copies and originals).
    • Power of attorney to the account manager.
    • A letter of recommendation from the bank in the name of the person selected by the account manager or the beneficiary (original).
    • A professional letter of recommendation from a lawyer or notary to the person selected by the account manager (original).
    • A document that confirms the address (utility bills with the address and surname).
    • Certificate of shares.
    • Completed banking forms.
    • Certificate of Good Standing with affixed Apostille (for over one-year-old companies).
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    Who can open an offshore bank account in Belize?

    Foreigners, both individual and legal entities can open Belize bank account online. Although, it will be necessary to send the whole package of notarized and Apostilled documents to the bank by postal mail. After receiving the package, it will be checked once again for the availability of everything that is required. Activation of the account occurs rather quickly. The most difficult moment is the preparation of all the required documents, but it will be easy and simple to do with the assistance of our experts since we know all the requirements of local banks.

    Benefits of Belize offshore bank account 

    Benefits of Belize offshore bank account
    Belize is one of the most advantageous financial systems in the world for investors.

    Here are just a few more benefits of a Belize bank system that will allow you to make the right choice.

    • The country has an ideal investment climate.
    • Constantly stable currency (Belize is financially stable, and the currency is currently pegged to the US dollar at a fixed 2:1 rate).
    • A high degree of liquidity (according to the current legislation, each bank is required to have a liquidity level of at least 24%).
    • Unrivaled asset protection and privacy.
    • Remote access to your offshore account.
    • Diversification of assets as the key to success.

    Belize is one of the most stable and developing banking systems in the world. Many investors around the world value the benefits jurisdiction can offer and choose this place to diversify their assets.

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    Types of bank accounts you can open in Belize

    • For personal use Belize banks typically offer the following account types:
    • Checking/Card account.
    • Fixed-rate deposit.
    • Private offshore demand deposit account.
    • Savings Account (Lifestyle).
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    Full-fledged, high-tech and international offshore banking services make Belize an ideal jurisdiction for the international offshore business, which aims to reduce the tax burden and offer its goods and services to the markets of other countries through attracting international investment.

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