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    Liechtenstein banks are among the most reliable in the world. Storing the savings there, the client can not only stop worrying about the safety of funds as well as take advantage of offshore account privileges.

    Open a bank account


    To open an offshore bank account in Switzerland state banks guarantee the individuals a full coverage of savings deposits.

    Why open bank account in Liechtenstein?

    Liechtenstein cannot be called a classic offshore because enterprises will have to keep records, submit reports, and undergo audits. Also, enterprises pay income tax. Exemption applies only to certain types of activities.

    By signing a contract with one of the Liechtenstein banks, you get the high—class service, as well as access to a variety of banking and financial services. Your personal bank consultant will offer you a variety of tools for increasing your income and advise you on all the issues of interest.

    Private banks in Liechtenstein

    Bank account in Liechtenstein is a convenient tool that allows you to manage your assets. The reliability of the banks of this small country has long been known and is not inferior to the banks of Switzerland. Today, the Principality of Liechtenstein is a major business and financial center of Europe. Besides, a bank account in Liechtenstein increases the prestige of an entrepreneur in the business world and authority. 

    Liechtenstein banks hold billions of dollars of companies from around the world. This is facilitated by the favorable business environment created in the country. The state has liberal legislation, low tax rates, and a good reputation – all this allows attracting the new entrepreneurs to the country and increasing its capital.

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    Required documents

    There are not many banks in Liechtenstein (about 12), although the banking system itself has been operating for decades.

    The largest banks of Liechtenstein are: 

    • The National Bank of Liechtenstein (Liechtensteinische Landesbank); 
    • Verwaltungs—und Privat—Bank; 
    • The Lichtenstein Global Trust (LGT).

    The minimum sum for opening an account is determined by each bank individually. It is much lower for individuals than for legal entities. For the latter, the amount for opening an account starts at about 100.000 Swiss francs, although there may be some flexibility. 

    Benefits of Liechtenstein offshore bank account

    Benefits of Liechtenstein offshore bank account

    Liechtenstein’s banks make a significant contribution to the GDP of the dwarf state.

    Opening a bank account in one of the Liechtenstein banks, an entrepreneur gets a number of advantages. The most significant of them are: 

    • high level of information security; 
    • reliable placement of funds due to a stable economy and political system; 
    • the developed and efficient infrastructure of the banking sector; 
    • high level of service;
    • a wide range of banking and additional services.

    Liechtenstein’s banking system is one of a kind, although it has a lot in common with Switzerland’s one. It meets the strictest international standards. Liechtenstein is not included in the list of countries that allow people to launder dirty money. 

    How do we choose Liechtenstein banks?

    Banks of the Principality offer a very wide range of services to their clients, sometimes even going beyond the banking sector. Liechtenstein banks have extensive experience in servicing clients, especially the wealthy ones. Thus, at the client’s request, the bank may assess the certain property and engage in its implementation. Of course, this procedure will be strictly confidential.

    Actually, banking secrecy in the Principality is protected by law, and its disclosure is considered a criminal offense. In addition, there is also a so—called “professional secret” – bank employees can’t be brought to the trial as witnesses. 

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    Bank accounts for non—residents

    To open a foreign bank account in Liechtenstein without any difficulties, you should contact a company specialized at providing such services. Professionals will advise you about the conditions imposed by a particular bank and present you with the list of the necessary documents. All you need to do is send the scans of the documents collected (along with their certified copies) by mail directly to the bank. The consultant will help you prepare for an online interview that the bank will do before making a decision on cooperation.

    How to open bank account in Liechtenstein

    You will have to fill out the forms provided by the bank. We will scan them and send them right to the bank. After receiving a preliminary confirmation from the bank, we will advise you on sending a package of documents by mail.

    Set of documents:

    1. A copy of the passport certified with an apostille. If the visit is personal, you should present the originals at the bank, and the copies will be taken on the spot. If you act remotely, send the notarized copies to the bank.
    2. Proof of address.
    3. Proof of the origin of funds.

    Note: the bank may request other documents as well.

    All the documents submitted must be translated into English and certified.

    Atrium Business Solutions

    Both an individual and a legal entity can open a bank account in Liechtenstein. All you need is to have a sufficient amount of money and provide reliable information about yourself. Many businesspersons seek to get an account in one of the banks in Liechtenstein because, in addition to a reliable way of placing funds, this offers them a certain prestige and status in the business world. The stability of the political and economic system of the Principality made this small state in the center of Europe a very popular and significant financial center. 

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    Types of bank accounts you can open in Liechtenstein

    Opening a personal account in Liechtenstein, an individual gets access to the multicurrency banking operations, fixed deposits, and money transfers by SWIFT — all this within a single agreement.

    Types of bank accounts in Liechtenstein banks:

    • Personal — the service is performed using the payment documents transmitted by the client by means of Internet banking or secure data transfer channels accepted by the bank.
    • Trading — allows individuals to trade on exchanges. The client is provided with safe access to securities. Bank employees will provide investment consulting services on request.
    • For operations with precious metals — clients get access to the channels for the sale and acquisition of such values. Besides, the bank doesn’t only provides services for the storage of these valuables, but also ensures their delivery to another storage location.
    • Investment — allows clients to manage their investments on a professional level.

    Quick and easy offshore bank account opening in Liechtenstein

    Our company provides support when opening a bank account in Liechtenstein, preparation, and registration of the necessary documents and other issues related to running a business abroad.

    Of course, an account in Liechtenstein is an excellent tool for protecting assets. You will receive not only more flexible terms of cooperation, but also be able to assess the country and the bank itself personally.

    However, not everyone has the desire and time to visit Liechtenstein, and then an active search for alternatives begins. An alternative can be offered by a professional who understands the policy of the bank most suitable for you and can help with the real opening of an account. There are plenty of options for protecting your capital, the main thing is to find someone who can help you navigate this sea of ​​services and offers, and choose yours.

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