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    Speaking about what is the virtual office it’s necessary to admit that this is a fairly new phenomenon in business that can be interpreted in different ways. As with a real office, the virtual analog may also have its own office address, phone number, and fax machine. And, of course, a team of employees works there. But there is one essential difference. Everything related to the virtual office does not have to be existed in reality (except for workers, of course): no space in the business center, no mailbox, not even city phones. All of this can be replaced by computer programs and networking equipment.

    A virtual office could be a useful solution for those entrepreneurs and business owners who, because of the nature of their activities, do not need to have an office space. There are many activities where office space is not required and employees and supervisors can do activities at home or in other convenient places. If your company has a virtual office (phone, mailing address, website), it would give the impression of a strong and respectable position on the market adding additional positive arguments for your customers, partners, and investors.

    What is the virtual office?

    What is the virtual office
    A virtual office could be a useful solution for those entrepreneurs and business owners who, because of the nature of their activities, do not need to have an office space.

    Sooner or later, any modern company is faced with the need to organize and support IT infrastructure. This is not an easy and enough costly task, especially when it comes to companies with a large number of branches or ramified structure. The development of cloud technologies has made this task much easier, providing opportunities to avoid purchasing expensive servers, hardware-based telephone systems, wires, and other equipment.  However, the use of cloud solutions requires a systematic approach, otherwise, it is difficult to create a productive and efficient environment. The virtual office concept is a convenient solution that allows you to optimize your work. So, what does virtual office mean?

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    One of the meanings of the virtual office solution is a common enterprise environment based on cloud technologies, which simplifies and optimizes the teamwork. The main advantage of a virtual office is the ability not to be distracted by infrastructure deployment and maintenance tasks. Moreover, when using a virtual office it is easy enough to scale a business without having to invest heavily in infrastructure restructuring. A virtual office provides high flexibility and convenience if your company has a vast structure. Employees who are actually far from each other can easily interact, working with a single environment of storage, exchange, and processing data. At the same time, all the problems associated with telecommunications maintenance will be solved by the manager of the virtual office.

    How virtual offices work?

    Well, what is a virtual office and how does it work? The virtual office service is perfect for actively developing and growing companies that are looking for the opportunity to combine all regional centers and headquarters into a single structure quickly and without unnecessary costs. The basic virtual office model is a cloud data server with all the software, user accounts, and other data that is necessary for work. All software on the server is public. This means that every employee with the appropriate level of access can use the program it needs.

    The following types of advanced virtual presence can be used to make virtual office fully operational:

    • Mailing address (with mail redirection). This is what is called a virtual office address which is necessary for receiving and registering correspondence and other postal items, notification of received letters, and reporting.
    • Phone number with call forwarding, as well as the ability to receive faxes and voicemail. All the information incoming to your virtual address or phone will be forwarded according to your instructions. Calls can be forwarded to any number with a live representative such way allowing you not to miss a single customer.
    • Voicemail is the right tool for those who do not want to lose a single client and create a real business presence in any location. The answering machine allows you to receive messages or fax from the customer, which will be promptly redirected to your e-mail.
    • A mailbox is a service that everyone actively involved in correspondence and paperwork needs. The address you have chosen will be used to receive the mail, which will be after redirected to any address convenient to you.
    • Redirect phone calls. The call is redirected automatically to any preferred phone number of your chosen country. You can answer calls or set up an answering machine.
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    What is virtual office space and what is a virtual office address? In accordance with the above, virtual office space is a common environment for business activities: the address where the company receives correspondence, phone calls, regular and e-mails, video-conferences, etc.

    Advantage of virtual office

    If you need to interact actively with partners or customers, the virtual office provides convenient opportunities for online presentations and conferences. The service of virtual business space can be successfully used in any company regardless of size. However, this innovative solution is the most profitable for entrepreneurs, small enterprises and actively developing companies. It can be quickly and simply implemented into the company’s working environment, allowing the employees to easily switch to a new model of work. The virtual office can significantly reduce operating and licensing costs.

    Given the examples of using a virtual office, it’s possible to highlight a few of the main advantages that the company gets when implementing this service:

    • Data and software privacy. All important information can be stored on a virtual server (including in a data center located in another country), clearly distributing access levels among employees. This will ensure that sensitive data is more secure from losses, theft, and other unforeseen situations.
    • Empowering full-time professionals. Using virtual office they can always get to work, monitor the situation, or complete an urgent task at the right time.
    • Savings of time and money (using video conferencing instead of real meetings and negotiations, discussing the results, and distributing tasks virtually). Saving on equipment (the simple configuration of the employee’s workstation is enough to get access to the main server because the entire data set is processed on the server).
    • Convenient organization of the work of virtually working teams (accountants, designers, developers). They can get all the benefits of working in an office (general processing of documents, task management, access to data databases and software) without leaving the home workplace.
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    Moreover, efficiency is achieved through automating business processes to reduce the number of routine operations and standard manual processes (which often leads to errors), as well as speed up many issues.

    The virtual office is used by those teams and companies that work for the result. Every interested employee will find a lot more advantages in the process of work.

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