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    The company’s website is one of the most important elements of a brand or trademark, so no wonder that reliable companies are interested in how to copyright a website – website patent.

    Once the brand is created, the need for its safety arises. In fact, a site is a complicated system representing a system of elements, including a content itself, unique design, domain name, and content management program (CMS). All of these elements require special methods of protection aimed at avoiding different problems. If you want to be completely sure that your data is perfectly safe, you may be interested in the entire procedure, so let’s try to clarify everything.  

    What is copyright?

    The website is a valuable asset for those working in sales, marketing, and other fields, so it’s usually treated as property. And it’s essential for the property to be protected.

    So, having copyrighted your website (its elements), you can be completely sure you won’t have your ideas and content stolen. Let’s have a look at some questions of a big interest for many people.

    • Is it possible to copyright a website idea? As a rule, copyright does not apply to ideas, processes, methods of activity. So, although the authors’ ideas may be exceptional and revolutionary, they cannot be copyrighted. Ideas are not considered to be intellectual property, so they are not subject to legal protection. So, it’s impossible for now to copyright the idea. Nevertheless, any idea can become material. For example, when creating an Internet site, any ideas of its creator are transformed into its name, content, and website design. And these things can be protected. 
    • Is it possible to protect a name? The answer is no if we are talking about this name only (without the content of the site, etc.). In some cases, it’s possible to copyright it. Nevertheless, if you own a trademark, you can get legal protection if it is stolen, for example. It is also possible to protect a domain. The process of registering domain names is different, depending on their level. 
    • Is the site content subject to protection? As a rule, the information each Internet portal contains is extremely diverse, so all those images, videos, articles, audio files, and so on are usually not treated as the subject of intellectual property. 
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    Who can get copyright?

    When you are thinking about whether it is possible to protect your business or intellectual property, you may face different questions worth thinking about. So, let’s focus on the most interesting points.

    1. If you are the author who creates original pieces of work (like films, poems, sculptures, paintings of all types, and so on), you will be protected even after your death. 
    2. Source code can be protected, as well as all the creative aspects of the site(like pictures, and so on.). If you put a copyright on a website, nobody can use your materials anymore.
    3. If you are thinking about a startup company, remember you should firstly concentrate on your working strategy and goals. Being fully confident everything goes well, you can think about protecting your intellectual property.
    4. If you are a software developer, you can get protection as well. 

    Why is it important to copyright?

    1. First of all, it makes it easier to provide proofs of violation one’s intellectual property (especially if you have decided to protect your rights in the court)
    2.  In some courts, only a product with registered copyright can be protected.
    3. The owner who has chosen this method acquires additional methods of legal protection
    4.  Last, but not least – it allows you to make entries in customs registers that prohibit the import of copyright objects that violate intellectual property rights.

    What to do to copyright a website?

    What to do to copyright a website?
    Patenting is important before a product is introduced to the market.

    So, as it was already mentioned, if you are into creating artistic works, you get your works protected automatically. There is no need to go through some complicated procedures to protect your intellectual property. Nevertheless, it’s better to underline for those eager to use other people’s work that you are the owner. To do this, you simply have to put the copyright symbol to be legally protected. Please note you should also add the year your work was created. 

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    Speaking about websites, there are several methods to get protection. The first one is domain registration. There are domain names of different types, for example, international top-level domains with generic codes like .com (most frequently used for commercial organizations), .edu (for educational organizations), and .org are usually registered by Domain Name and IP Address Management Corporation. Make sure you understand the peculiarities of different procedures. 

    Then, website content. As a rule, different specialists take part in creating the site, and, content authors are usually not owners of the portal. Therefore, the site owner must first confirm the authorship in order to protect the content.

    Many people are also interested in logo protection. There is no doubt it has to be protected as well. So, this can be done by registering it as a pictorial or combined trademark.

    Safety without copyright: is it possible?

    If you are not allowed to copyright a website, there are several other ways to secure your intellectual property. The first one is the trademark. You can select this option if you are eager to register some name ( a logo, your personal brand, a domain of yours, etc.). You may not know it, but in daily life, we all run into trademarks all the time. For instance, your favorite search system, social network, and so on have all their names registered to prevent fraud. So, choosing this method you won’t have to worry about your safety.

    The second option you are already aware of is copyright. In fact, you obtain this right automatically. As a rule, it is used for literary works and designs of all types. Then, the most obvious feature helping to govern your boundaries is terms of use. Due to this, people can only do what they are allowed to. For example, if you don’t want the visitors to copy your information, you should state it clearly to prevent misunderstanding. 

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    Why is it so important to copyright?

    Each and every Internet-portal is continuously changing, so some people are convinced it’s pointless to try to protect anything. Nevertheless, in some cases, it helps greatly. Some Internet users are running blogs and have their information stolen all the time. Remember that it’s possible to avoid it if you don’t want random customers to utilize your personal information, your thoughts, ideas, and inventions.

    About the law

    So, let’s make it clear what this method of protection provides you with. Remember: if your work is original, it is subject to copyright protection. Having obtained it, you can be sure no one will steal or reproduce it. As a rule, you get your intellectual property protected for seventy years after your death (in EU countries).

    In other countries the duration of protection is different, but it’s never less than fifty years. Here are the rights you obtain via copyright:

    • Moral rights. You shouldn’t be afraid that your intellectual property will be used or stolen by third parties
    • Economic rights. You are the only person given the right to control your work.

    Being fully aware of all your options is essential if you want all types of your work and data to be completely secured.

    Atrium Business Solutions

    Now you understand what are the main ways to reduce risks and avoid losing your intellectual property. Use all your options.

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