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    The brand name is the basis of brand awareness and remembering. Choosing a brand name it is necessary to keep in mind the commercial success of a company, product, or service depends on how the brand name matches its character and consumer expectations. The name is the first thing that the consumer notices and often the main thing that affects the purchase decision. In this sense, the brand name plays a significant role in attracting attention and influencing purchase decisions.

    A successful name should be not only expressive and memorable but also solve a number of marketing problems.  First of all, the business name must clearly and competently reflect the brand’s positioning and convey the necessary message to the brand’s target audience. If the information contained in the name does not correspond to the nature of the brand, the brand has every chance of losing part or even the entire target audience, because in this case the product and the consumer speak different languages. A product misleading by its name can hardly count on the loyalty of the audience, as a rule, its destiny is casual or one-time relationships with the consumer.

    Describe your company

    Choosing a company name may seem an impossible task. There are countless brands in the consumer markets, a huge number of names, combinations of words, and abbreviations are involved. Therefore, it seems to stand out among the competitors, it is necessary to come up with something incredible and fantastic. In fact, everything is much simpler. The simpler and more understandable your name will be for the consumer, the better it will be accepted and faster remembered.

    The experience of world-famous brands is the best confirmation, let’s take at least Apple. So, imagine your target audience and answer a few questions:

    • What message do you want to convey with your name?
    • What is your priority: create a business name that is easy to pronounce, to be unusual and unique, or make a name directly related to your products and services?
    • What do you want people to think and feel when they see the name of your company?
    • What is the structure of your business and will your name use any abbreviation?
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    The name is a capacious information carrier about a product or service which can directly or indirectly reach the consumer. Whether it’s a simple rationale informing about the properties, origin or other characteristics of a brand, or a reference to positive images and associations, the name has a significant amount of influence. The relevance of their use depends on the nature of the brand and its target audience. In some cases, the name of the brand should not be overly creative, it is sufficient that it indicates the type of activity of the company or the properties of the product, in others, it must necessarily be figurative and emotional.

    Thinking about how to name a business the company owner needs to be aware that the name is the basis for building a relationship between the brand and the consumer. No need to claim that the brand name is a guarantee of the success of the product, but it is obvious that significantly more efforts and a budget are required to promote a brand with a wrong name.

    Remember your best ideas

    The process of building company names, or names for products, services involves several stages that will allow finding a unique, sonorous, and attractive brand name. In particular, the following stages necessary for creating a truly high-quality name are distinguished:

    • Analytical work. The corporate name development requires a comprehensive analysis of the market as a whole, the company or brand, as well as the target audience for which the brand, product, or service is being created.
    • Development of unique name options. In this stage, it is necessary to come up with several possible unique names, from which the most suitable new business name will be chosen later. An initial legal check is also should be done here (does the brand violate the rights of previously registered trademark owners).
    • Analysis and rejection of options.  The names that are not right according to one or another criterion (verbally not attractive, phonetically dissonant, etc.) should be discarded.
    • Selection of the main options. A selected list of names is sorted according to topics and relevance, only the most suitable ones remain.
    • Testing. It is important to take into account all the nuances of the business name ideas, from the ease of pronunciation to the correct transmission by voice mail (phone), etc. Testing of selected options includes linguistic analysis; examination of linguistic, cultural religious and other associations; checking for similar and identical names among other registered trademarks; taking into account public opinion, etc.
    • Final selection and full legal due diligence. The selected name undergoes a legal check for compliance with the established requirements of regulatory authorities within the country of origin and internationally if it is necessary.
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    Choose the best brand name

    Choose the best brand name
    The name of the product (project) should be registered in order to protect it.

    The main task of the brand naming strategy is to develop and select a liquid name. To achieve the best results, a few simple rules should be followed:

    • Brevity and simplicity. In everyday use, long and complex names are often abbreviated. It is important to provide for an abbreviation or develop a short name.
    • Capacity and accuracy. The name must have a logical connection with the company and its activities, to form a positive image.
    • Meaning. Any developer of a brand name or product name should take care of its understanding by the main audience.
    • Euphony. The name should be easy to pronounce and remember.

    The mechanism of action of a commercial name is based on the interaction of two independent aspects of the name, impression, and meaning. Together, these aspects make up the engram of the name. This is the effect that the name has on a person, regardless of the object it belongs to.

    If the brand naming development successful and the chosen name will meet all marketing requirements, then the further development of the company is guaranteed. Correctly set advertising campaigns will cause customers to associate the name of your company with trust, reliability, security, a certain benefit. And this is the basis of any business.

    Solve legal issues

    The name of the product (project) should be registered in order to protect it.

    Atrium Business Solutions

    This is guaranteed to help maintain the status of the sole copyright holder. In order to exclude the unlawful repeatability of the brand name elements, a preliminary check should be carried out. This procedure must be incorporated into the process of find a business name, otherwise, you will have to change the final product and start all over again. A slight phonetic difference between various names leads to the loss of distinctiveness and is the basis for refusal of registration.

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    It must be remembered that the international registration of a name does not replace the national, but continues it. However, your unique name maybe already in use in another country. In this case, to avoid this, your name should be checked for the possibility of use and registration according to the already registered names in the necessary classes and in the state where the legal protection is planned.

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