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    Nowadays, logo development plays a huge role in the promotion of goods and services. The logo and corporate identity are the hallmarks of the company, its ideology, a way of communicating with customers and partners. Company logos are placed on letterheads, websites, envelopes, souvenirs, signs, advertising, with their help we recognize the products of a particular company, its stores.

    What is logo?

    In the 19th century, the industrial revolution led to the growth of production, the emergence of competition, the growth of exports, and globalization. In those conditions, each serious company began to acquire a logo so that customers could quickly and easily distinguish products from different companies produced within the same industry. Company logos were placed on the packaging, on the product itself, on signs and documents. Giving advertising, the company tried to make sure that it had a logo. Goods and services have become clearly associated in the minds of people with one or another graphic symbol. The definition of the logo which we use to this day was formed in the 20th century. A company logo is a typeface or graphic symbol of goods and services of a company.

    During its existence, the concept of the logo branding design has undergone significant changes. If initially, the company logos were bulky, with a large number of elements, then today everything changed. The fewer elements in the logo, the better. Indeed, in this case, it is easier to recognize, easy to remember, and can be easily used on various advertising media.

    Nowadays, the logo has the following requirements:

    • it must be unique;
    • it should reflect the essence of the company, its goals, mission, work style;
    • it should possess simple design;
    • it must be of high quality to look equally good both on business cards and on street banners;
    • it should evoke the associations that you need in people.
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    What is the aim of the company’s logo? This is the basis of corporate identity, the implementation of the philosophy and principles of the brand. The logo is a visual tool to stimulate consumers’ attention to your company. Its purpose is to leave a bright trace in their minds, which is not always successfully achieved by ordinary words. At all times, logos have been the most simple and effective method of promoting a business. They determine the brand recognition of the company, its presentation on various documents, and the Internet through a unique graphic image.

    A logo itself is not just a picture, it is a whole concept, the ideology of your company, its future. Therefore, when creating a logo every single detail should be considered: define your target audience, select the right color scheme, reflect the values of your company.

    Logo and trademark design development

    Logo and trademark design development
    Design is an important Web-Production tool and a powerful marketing tool.

    A logo is an important element of a company’s distinction, which plays a big role in conducting an advertising campaign and promoting a brand.

    Atrium Business Solutions

    Naturally, a logo is developed according to certain rules. So, there are four main stages of logo design trademark:

    • Preparatory stage (information collection and processing).
    • Concept creation.
    • Making changes to the concept.
    • Implementation of the final product.

    At the preparatory stage, the creators of the logo determine what exactly will be included in the logo. Maybe these are some features of the company. Maybe the features of the target audience. Or maybe the features of the goods and services that the company provides. Starting creating a logo, always remember the phrase: What do I need for consumers to feel and expect from my company, looking at its logo?

    In the second stage, when all the necessary information is gathered and considered, the development of the logo concept begins. It is determined whether the logo will contain the name of the company, or it will be a symbol, or a combination of a picture and the name of the company. Usually, more than one concept is developed simultaneously. Then only one option will be selected from them. Keep in mind that simplicity in business name design is a basic rule. The simpler the logo, the easier it is to remember. The logo, overloaded with details, loses to simple logos.

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    In the third stage, changes are made to the logo concept. Do not be surprised, it also happens that from the third stage of logo development, the creators return to the first or second stage. As mentioned above, logo design is a complex process requiring time and effort.

    The fourth stage starts with the implementation of the logo. Before you draw a logo on letterheads, business cards, think about how exactly you will promote the logo on the market. Always remember that this is not a picture, but a tool of your advertising campaign, your brand, you can say the face of the company. Think about the logo media and then market it. 

    Do not be afraid to spend a lot of time creating a logo. Only a really good mark-design will work for your company, attract the target audience, help the target audience to distinguish your goods and services from other companies.

    How to make a successful logo?

    The logo is a guarantee of quality, easy to remember for its individuality, and is a kind of protection of a service or product. The most important rule of marketing is that people want to buy goods, and not spend money on emotions. Guided by this simple rule, the logo of your company should not only be a distinctive sign but also personify the quality of products, maintaining the reputation of the manufacturer, and winning the customers’ loyalty.

    Try to create your own unique logo and present it, thereby strengthening the high quality of goods or services. The logo design should be simple, although in some cases it can be made pretentious. A couple of tips on how to create a successful trademark design are outlined below.

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    The logo must be individual and original

    When developing a logo, especially selecting the best one from the proposed options, it is worth to study competitors’ logos to avoid being similar to them.

    The logo must be international

    The logo should be well-perceived both by fellow countrymen and other nationalities, with a different culture and mentality. Of course, it’s impossible to consider the mentality of all nations due to their big leap, but it is advisable to take into account the specifics of the countries when your company is doing business.

    Possible logo change

    It is no secret that the company’s logo will need to be changed sooner or later due to the fact that over time the company’s management, values, priorities may change. Think about how to upgrade your logo in advance.

    The versatility of the logo

    Before you include in your logo all the features of your company, a huge list of services, competitive advantages, think about how this amount of information will look on your business card or a pen?

    The color scheme of the logo

    Of course, you can use all your creativity and develop a logo, using all existing colors, just do not forget that most corporate documents are printed in black and white.

    Following all the recommendations listed above, the company will be able to make the right choice and develop a logo that matches the image of its business laying another significant brick in the difficult path to success.

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