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Cyprus Currency Converter

If Cyprus is your next destination, whether you are going there for business purposes or a vacation, questions about the Cyprus currency arise.

What kind of money is usually used there? Where can you exchange the funds, and what converter will tell you the fairest exchange rates? 

Here, we will discuss all these questions. You will also get some tips on how to make your trip to Cyprus financially secure.

What is Cyprus Currency?

The officially accepted currency in Cyprus is the Euro. However, there is one issue that complicated the currency matter in the country significantly. Turkey occupies part of the country in the north. In this state, named the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, the Turkish lira is accepted as a national currency.

Most Euro bills and coins are the same as in other parts of the European Union. But every country could choose its design to use on the reverse side of coins. Thus, the reverse side of all currencies circulating in Cyprus will differ from the reverse scion side used in Germany. But all the coins freely circulate in all the destinations of the Eurozone; you don’t need to worry about it.

Turkish currency applied in Cyprus is absolutely the same as in Turkey. 

Currency Used in Cyprus

Based on the complicated political situation in the entire country, the most convenient currency to take with you depends on the location. While in the significant part of the country, you can use Euro, in the Northern region, you would require Turkish lira.

In the north of the country, you can also use US dollars. However, they might not be accepted everywhere.

In Cyprus, like in any other tourist location, bank cards are welcomed. You can pay with a usual bank card in the majority of stores. However, note that though Visa and Mastercard cards are extensively accepted, American Express and other less popular cards might not be accepted. Thus, before traveling to Cyprus, consider getting a Visa or Mastercard. 

Another convenient option you can consider is a Prepaid Travel Card. It offers you the benefit of using a local currency without paying exchange fees. The main drawback of such a card is that it takes time before it loads with local currency. Thus, you might load the card but still end up without money for some time. Also, ATMs charge fees for every withdrawal.

What is the Euro Rate in Cyprus Today?

The Euro rate continually changes, not only in Cyprus but around the world. It depends on many political, economic, as well as social factors. Thus, to get a clear idea of the Euro price at the time of your trip, we recommend using a reliable currency converter on official resources only.

Bank of Cyprus offers the fairest rates in the country. On its official website, you can get acquainted with the exchange rates valid in the country. Also, you can calculate what amount you get after the exchange.

Can I Use Dollars in Cyprus?

It all depends on the location. In the Northern part of the country where Turkish lira is the national currency, you can transact with US dollars in most shops. While in the other part of the country, you need to exchange your USD to Euros. 

Cyprus is a tourist country. Thus, like in all tourist countries, you can use plenty of options to exchange money:

  • ATMs;
  • Special outlets;
  • Travelers Cheques.


The safest and the most reliable location to exchange your money is the Bank of Cyprus. It has fair rates, its outlets are available in most places in the country, and it is safe. At the Bank of Cyprus, you can be sure you will not be handed in fake bills. If you are caught with them, the consequences are dire. We recommend getting acquainted with the main protective features of the Euro. Don’t hesitate to check the authenticity of the money, and if you have doubts, you can always ask a bank official to help you or request assistance from the police.

It is advised to avoid exchanging funds in airports and hotels. While there are always a couple of ATMs in any airport or hotel, they aren’t the most cost-efficient option. In such places, all exchange services come with hefty fees. Be ready to pay in commission much more than in a bank outlet or an ATM in a city where locals use it, too.

But the most convenient option is to buy the needed currency (Euros or Turkish liras) before you go. You can look conveniently for better rates and even complete the exchange procedures online. Avoid, though, carrying too much cash with you. It is recommended to have money only the sum needed for the basic needs.

Which Is the Most Accurate Currency Converter?

Before you rush to the very first currency exchange point, find out what is a fair exchange rate at the moment. The most optimal and reliable way to get acquainted with the most reasonable exchange rate is to use a real-time mode currency converter on our website.

The currency converter is straightforward to use:

  • Type in the sum;
  • Choose your currency;
  • Then, select the currency you intend to purchase;
  • Click on the yellow arrow, and below, you will see the result. 


This is the sum that you receive if you exchange funds in our currency converter. You can also see the current exchange rate for those currencies that you have selected under the full.

The rate is updated in real-time mode. Therefore, you can view the most recent estimate. Note that the exchange rate can change rapidly and significantly; thus, the final sum always depends on the quality valid for the exchange time.

Even though a trip to any foreign country might become more complicated due to currency issues, this is, undoubtedly, not the case with Cyprus.


The exchange rates provided by our company Atrium Business Solutions, are received from commonly available sources. The bank sets a margin based on its average operating costs and the currency risk hedging costs. The provided rates are valid for the sums not exceeding 20,000 Euro. For the sums exceeding 20,000, the currency rate shall be specified in a particular bank branch. The exchange rate might change during the day.

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