The Atrium provides personal and corporate financial services that help you make the most of the ever-shifting world economy. We encourage our clients to become more effective and efficient in their business.

Company Overview

When you are considering investing, planning, and managing your wealth portfolio, Atrium Business Solutions can do it all. We provide services not only to physical persons or small businesses, but our expert team can handle the global market as well. If you are looking for legal or financial services, our company has plenty of experience and will be the best choice. Our goal – is to cover all your business needs with a high quality of care. 

Our knowledge includes individual and corporate tax concerns, financial advice, data protection, and trademark registration, and many other services that will support your business, even abroad. Atrium AG is located in Lichtenstein but has representatives in Cyprus and Russia. Our knowledge runs from the most ordinary business, judicial and commercial tasks to the more complicated, advanced, and specific features of them. We can also provide intellectual property services like domain name registration and protection, branding.

Our teams currently consists of more than 30 various specialists.

With us, your goals will be realized reliably, confidentially, efficiently and on time.

  • more than 10 years in the corporate services market;
  • 5 offices in 5 countries;
  • experience in registering companies in more than 100 countries;
  • more than 50 partner banks;
  • more than 3000 clients worldwide

Our Team

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Maria Christodoulou

Account Manager

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Eleni Vasileiou

Consultant of Сompanies Renewal department


Sofia Christodoulou

Key Account Manager


Dimitris Papadopoulos

Senior Consultant of the Companies Incorporation department


Christos Papageorgiou

Legal Advisor, Head of the Companies Incorporation department


Elizabeth Jones

Senior Consultant of the Companies Incorporation department


Alexandr Ioannidis

Legal Advisor, Head of the Companies Incorporation departmentt


Ioannis Pappas

Consultant of the Companies Incorporation department



If you are looking for one firm with the knowledge and professionalism that offers complete services, look no further than Atrium Business Solutions AG. A-class quality services.


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